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Hello dear press!

Your work is important to us. It is our pleasure to support you within your job as much as we can.

Regarding all your questions about Freakstock, suitable texts, pictures, review samples, information about all kinds or a competent contact person and for accreditation, please contact our press service team:

Freakstock Presseservice

Julia Kolbe

(She is keen and eager to help.)


Jesus Freaks Deutschland e.V. is the legal umbrella organisation of the Jesus Freaks movement for all trans-regional activities, including Freakstock festival. The charity finances itself mostly with voluntary donations of Jesus Freaks groups and philanthropically individuals. With this in mind, we would be delighted by your financial support.

In case you would like to support Freakstock financially, please use the following bank details to transfer your chosen amount. Any other way of support such as prayer and spreading the word helps and is very welcome.

Jesus Freaks Deutschland e. V.

Volksbank Paderborn-Höxter-Detmold
IBAN: DE80472601218281163100