Detailed information about the different ticket prices can be found in the table on the right side.

IMPORTANT for minors!

If you are a under 18 years old and want to be a part of Freakstock, you need a written confirmation of your parents. In addition, you need someone, who supervises you during the festival.
We have uploaded a template for the respective form. Please let you parents fill in the information and add a photocopy of passport or photo ID.
Please have the form during the festival at all times at hand, in case festival security or police want to see it. However, if you are with your parents at Freakstock, you don’t need such a form, of course.

Pre-sale Festival Check-in Festival Check-in
Estimated ticket prices 2020 All-days All-days Day ticket1
Standard 2020
For anyone aged 18 and upwards
75 € 100 € 40 €
“It’s going nicely” 2020
Your generous support for Freakstock, including a Thank you gift
150 € 150 € 150 €
Supporter 2020
Your support for Freakstock
100 €
Weekend ticket 2020
Valid from Friday to Sunday
60 € 70 €
Toddler 2020
Child up to 3 years old
0 € 0 € 0 €
Child  2020
Child between 4 and 13 years old
15 € 20 € 10 €
Children Flatrate 2020
All own children up to 13 years old
35 € 50 € 25 €
Youth 2020
Anyone between 14 and 17 years old (proof required)
50 € 60 € 30 €
All countries except Western Europe
50 € 60 € 20 €
Social 2020
Unemployed, Social benefit receiver, Pensioner, Disabled (from degree of disability of 70, possible caregiver is free) Only with official document!
50 € 20 €

1Day ticket
Day tickets are valid for the respective day until the end of the official program (approx. 3 a.m.). Then leave the festival area. Day tickets for Saturday can only be purchased on Saturday. Admission is free on Sundays.

All countries except: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK


Gut Haarbecke
Haarbecke 2
58566 Kierspe-Rönsahl

Opening hours

In the last few years we’ve always had people wanting to come several days early or stay a few days after the festival. Unfortunately we can’t do that at our new location. We will be setting up until the very last minute and we can’t allow visitors on site until thursday at 9am. If you arrive earlier than that you will have to make arrangements to stay somewhere else.

Beginning of Freakstock:
Thursday,  2:00 pm

Opening of festival site:
Thursday,  8:00 am

End of Freakstock:
Sunday, 3:00 pm

Close-down of Freakstock location:
Sunday,  5:00 pm

Ticket purchases, information, answers … let’s go!

Check-In for Volunteers, press, artists:
This is where volunteers, members of the press, artists, and those with guest passes check in. We also answer questions here and provide further information.


As usual, you can pitch your tent at freakstock and enjoy camping. It it worth noting, though, that most of the festival area does not have an even gound, but a slight or pronounced slope (it is a hill after all). This shouldn`t really be a problem for your tent, however it may prove to be challenging for tables, chairs and other camping gear. In any case, we need to use the camping area sparingly – please do not waste any space by setting up large trampolins or living room sized pavillions.

Parking is available outside the festival premises. Please follow the signs and the instructions of our staff when finding a parking spot.

There is a separate area for trailers and such, and also a separate camping area with adjacent parking for families.

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