WELCOME HOME. Main seminars are the time where everyone at Freakstock gathers. There is worship and a sermon, dance and devotion, prayer and holy communion, ministry, room for questions and most of all: spending time together. Perhaps you are passionate about church services, or perhaphs you are one of those searching for new forms of church and communion with God – in any case we will try out different things in the main seminars. Some will have a more traditional form, and some are experimental. Be a part of it and find out what this HOME actually means to you.

Wednesday: Welcome Home!

Welcome home to all who are part of the Jesus Freaks movement or just curious visitors, motivated or tired, sceptical or excited, from near or far. But what does it actually mean – this home? In our opening seminar we will approach this year`s Freakstock theme and ask the question how we as Christians and as a movement can be a home, and provide a home for all those who are still searching.


Thursday: Your home in God

Imagine that your faith is a home. Do you experience God the most in the living room when friends come over? Or do you feel more comfortable in your inner study with books and sermons? Have you even explored all the rooms yet? And are there any rooms that you are afraid to enter? This session will have different elements, dedicated to exploring different ways of experiencing God.


Friday: The Great Supper

“If you have more than you need, then build longer tables, not higher fences”.

Home as a place of community with others, opening doors to people in need of help, sharing our abundance with others. We want to follow these ideas in a new and experimental form of service and celebrate holy communion in a very practical way. Bring some food, something to drink and your camping chair. If everybody brings something, there will be enough for everyone.


Saturday: Home improvement

Saturday is modular day! Today you can find what you`ve been looking for… or discover something you didn`t even know you were searching for. Worship and holy communion, praising God and receiving from him? Or attending the Format W service for some serious soul-cleansing? Or finding out at a panel discussion what your spiritual home can look like outside of institutionalized groups? Your choice.

Praise & Worship module: German

Format W: English/German

WorldCafe: German

Sunday: Home for families

Kids need a home – in the Jesus Freaks movement, in churches and above all in their families. So Sunday morning is for our moms, dads and kids. How do I build this home for my family? What is it supposed to look like and how do I make the most of the construction material that I have access to? This closing seminar will be held by the new Jesus Freaks family workgroup and the Jesus Freaks from Münster.


Afterwards: Time to head home! The final blessing.

So maybe you slept in a little today, or you were already busy packing your tent. Perhaphs your thoughts are  preoccupied with the journey back home and all the stress of dismounting your campsite and all that. But we want to prepare the return to reality together, and therefore will gather one last time with everyone at Freakstock to pray together and receive his blessing before we hit the road.