The open-air stage is the central place where you can hear sounds ranging from Americana to indie to dark rock. In addition to well-known Freakstock allstars, we are also happy about musical fresh meat and even a band that we have had in the bucket list for decades.

Quiet ´n Riot

The riot element on this hugely popular small stage has given way this year to a relaxed atmosphere with spoken word poetry, folk, alternative country and indie pop. Also the place to see bands from Herzstück play a second more intimate set. ambience, baby!


The Schwitzen Shelter (Electronic music all night)


The Sterni Bar has been a part of Freakstock for some years. But the small punkrock oasis is going to have it´s own stage this year! So besides the bar routine, there´ll be some special guests to look forward to.
The bar will stay like it´s been: Everyone is welcome, but there ain´t no space for rascism, fascism, sexism or homophobia etc.