Last updated July 2018

1.General Terms & Conditions
1.1. The current version of the General Terms & Conditions are applicable.
1.2. The General Terms & Conditions can be seen on the Freakstock Homepage & at the Check-in.
1.3. By purchasing a festival wristband, the buyer declares full acceptance of the General Terms & Conditions.
1.4. By submitting a Freakstock volunteer application, the applicant declares full acceptance of the General Terms & Conditions.

2. Freakstock grounds
2.1.The Freakstock grounds cover the entire area rented by the organiser.
2.2. The stay on Freakstock festival grounds is permitted for visitors only during the opening hours of the festival published by the organiser.
2.3. Freakstock wristbands must be worn (on the wrist) by visitors & volunteers on the Freakstock grounds at all times. Persons without a current wristband will be denied access to the entire Freakstock grounds.

3. Festival tickets / wristbands
3.1. Tickets purchased in the advance ticket sale cannot be returned at the festival Check-In.
3.2. Tickets purchased in the advance ticket sale must be exchanged for valid wristbands at Check-in.
3.3. Ticket prices are defined in the agenda of Freakstock.

4. Dogs
4.1. Dogs are permitted at Freakstock.
4.2. Dogs have to be supervised on a leash during entire festival time. This is irrespective of size and age of the dogs.
4.3. If repeatedly found without leash, the property rights will be exercised.
4.4. Every dog has to wear the identification tag provided by the organiser at the collar.
4.5. Every dog owner is obliged to dispose the dog excrement immediately.
4.6. The marshal volunteers are in the position to demand putting an appropriate muzzle on the dog.

5. Drugs
5.1. It is forbidden to sell or use drugs on the entire festival grounds.
5.2. Property rights will be exercised by any infringement. The organiser retains the right to report any such infringement to the police.

6. Flammable materials
6.1. Barbecuing, cooking & open fires are only permitted in the designated areas.
6.2. When using the fire places, an adult has to be present at all times.
6.3. The approval of these fire places is carried out by the fire brigade.
6.4. A general smoking ban applies within all buildings.
6.4.1. Nordrhein-Westfalen non-smoking laws for the protection of non-smokers apply.

7. Camping Site
7.1. Camping is only permitted in the areas designated by marshals.
7.2. Escape routes must be kept free at all times. It is not permitted to affix ropes or any such obstacle within these areas.
7.3. It is not possible to reserve camping spaces.
7.4. It is only permitted to use vehicles suitable for camping in the designated camping areas.
7.4.1. Cars are not allowed on the lawns & greens surrounded by fences.
7.2.2. Camping vehicles, which are parked in the areas designated for camping, must remain parked until the end of the festival.
7.5. The use of private generators is not permitted anywhere on the festival grounds.
7.6. It is forbidden to tap electricity from the electric supply network.

8. Security
8.1. Security personnel have been engaged by the organiser to ensure a disturbance-free & orderly festival.
8.2. The security team exercises property rights.
8.2.1. Instructions given by the security team have to be followed.
8.3. The use of parking and camping areas is at your own risk.

9. Liability
9.1. The organiser is in no way liable for damage to health caused by the noise & volume at concerts or any other performances.
9.2. The organiser is also not liable for damage to property or physical damage unless deliberate intention or gross negligence can be proven.

10. Illegal objects
10.1. Dangerous objects, such as pyrotechnical items, burning torches, weapons of any kind, as well as items which can be used as projectiles are not allowed. Any item which violates this rule will be confiscated by the on-site security personnel & cannot be returned, even after the event has finished.

11. Minors
11.1. Minors may only visit Freakstock when accompanied by an adult chaperone.
11.1.1. Adherence to this has to be ensured by the legal guardians. Parents are liable for their children.
11.2. Furthermore, the Children & Young Persons Act (JuSchG) applies.

12. Parking
12.1. Parking spaces provided by the organiser are free of charge.
12.2. Festival volunteers will advise on parking spaces during the main traffic hours.
12.3. Parking regulations must be observed. Any vehicle blocking escape routes or turning areas will be removed at the owners expense.
12.4. The organiser cannot be held liable for theft or damage to vehicles parked in the designated areas.
12.5. On the entire festival grounds, driving has to be at walking pace.
12.6. For road regulations and right of way rules the official road traffic regulations (StVO) apply.

13. Miscellaneous
13.1. Drinks in glass bottles, which were bought outside the festival venue, are forbidden & may not be brought onto the festival site.
13.2. It is not allowed to bring drinks which were purchased outside the festival site into the festival locations. It is allowed to bring drinks bought anywhere on-site into all festival locations.
13.2.1. All drinks bottles distributed at Freakstock, are Freakstock property & the deposits belong to Freakstock.
13.2.2. Bottles and cans with refundable deposits which are left on the festival grounds, become the property of Freakstock. It is forbidden to collect up bottles and cans with refundable deposits.
13.3. Rubbish is to be disposed of in the bins provided.
13.4. The organiser reserves the right to change the programme.
13.5 External flyers may only be distributed with permission from the Festivalbüro (festival office).
13.5.1 Flyposting & defacing is forbidden. Any such violation will incur a cleaning fee of 100€. The aggrieved party will file an official complaint for damage to property.
13.5.2. The private as well as commercial sale of goods without permission of the organiser is not permitted.
13.6. Money collections on-site are not permitted, exemptions can only be granted before the festival.
13.7. The organiser retains the right to take images as well as audio & video recordings of visitors.
The organiser is entitled to use the same without payment or any form of compensation.
The organiser may use these & allow the use thereof by 3rd parties in all current & future media forms, in particular, but not exclusively, for journalistic purposes, Freakstock promotion, fundraising, & all other business activities of the organiser & associated enterprises. Persons who do not wish to appear in any such publications may declare so in an email with attached passport photo. The organizer obliges people who create photos/videos/audio recordings for publication to carry a clear identification. This identification is provided by the organizer and includes a photo pictogram + the word “Press”. Participants of the event are requested to pay attention to this on their own responsibility and, if necessary, to inform correspondingly marked persons if recordings of them are not desired.