In this section, we would like to answer frequently asked questions and give you a few hints regarding your stay at the festival. These are based on the general terms and conditions, which you can read up on here as well.

The most important matter is that every one of us is individually considerate towards others and tries to show off their most social side possible.

When is the festival site open for visitors?

Freakstock’s gates open on Thursday, August 1st, 2018 at 8 a.m.

When do I have to leave the festival site?

Freakstock closes on Sunday, August 4th at 5 p.m.

Is it OK if I bring my dog? Or my rat?

Yes, that’s fine. However please note: Dogs must be registered at the check-in, carry the identification tag (which you will receive there) and always have to be on a short leash. If your dog isn’t used to strangers or larger crowds, please put on a muzzle or alike. If Freakstock security staff ask you to do so, please follow their instructions. Please also consider that everything that comes out of your dog’s rear end and doesn’t evaporate needs to be collected by the owner.

As rats have already claimed their pet status, which is fine as such, please ensure that no rat makes its way somewhere where food is handled in any way. Every rat has to remain with its owner.

Do I need to bring my own food?

You don’t need to, but you may. We offer an affordable breakfast (3€/person: 2 buns, 1 coffee, 3 spreads) plus a variety of food booths that sell lunch and dinner dishes. But you’re free to go old school camping style and bring your own ravioli, toast and marshmallows to feed on.

Can I bring my own beverages?

In general, yes – as long as it’s not in glass bottles. However, please consider supporting Freakstock by purchasing drinks on the festival site. Beverage sales contribute significantly to covering  Freakstock’s costs.

I have a caravan – can I come to the festival with it?

Absolutely! We have an own camping area for caravans.

Can I expect to have cell phone reception?

Yes – but not great reception, and not throughout the complete festival area.

Do you have a checklist to help me pack?

Yes but it’s in German only so far. You can find it here.

What access do I get with a ticket?

Having purchased a ticket you will receive a wrist band on site that will grant you access to all concerts, workshops and the complete Freakstock programm. Also included is camping and parking – food and drinks are not included.

Where can I park my car?

There`s a big grass area east of the festival site which will be our general parking space. Parking is free of charge.

Is electricity available on the camping site?


Where can I charge my cell phone?

You can recharge your cell phone (at your own risk) at info point and checker point.

Can I bring my car on the camping area? How does loading/unloading luggage work?

Unfortunately it is not possible to drive to the camping area with your car.
We do have an extra area for motor homes, trailers or larger cars that are used for sleeping. You may drive on to the festival site with these, however please note that you cannot move the vehicle until the end of the festival.
For all other cars we have a parking area nearby.

Is water available on the festival site?

Yes, indeed! There are wash basins which will be supplied with sufficient fresh water from the tap and/or tank trucks every day. Here you can wash your yourself, your dishes and brush your teeth. We also have some showers.

Where can I take a shower?

Behind the barn we have shower stalls and right next to them should also be a showering-container.

Where can I cook my food?

If the preparation of your food involves open fire or barbecuing, this is only allowed in the designated fire place. It is possible that due to dryness and the danger of forrest fires, the authorities may declare fire not permitted at all! You can prepare  your cereal, sandwiches etc. on the camping site of course.

Where can I go shopping?

We have a Späti shop on site that carries necessities such as tooth paste or sun screen, plus you can shop clothes, CDs and self made stuff at the market. For other things the next supermarket is about a 10 min drive away (in Kierspe or Wipperfürth).

I’m under 18 – can I still come to Freakstock?

If you are a young person (under 18 years old) and want to attend Freakstock, then you need a written confirmation from your parents. Also, you will need someone who supervises you during the festival.

We have uploaded HERE a template for the respective form. Please let you parents fill in the information and add a photocopy of their passport or photo ID.

Please have the form at hand during the festival at all times, in case the festival security staff or the police wish to see it. If you are attending Freakstock with your parents, then you don’t need such a form, of course.

I do not speak German, can I still volunteer?

Yes! We would be delighted to have you be part of our Freakstock volunteer staff. It does depend on the area though, e.g. language requirements for kitchen staff may be different than for the prayer team or security.  Please fill out the application form and a team leader will be in touch with you to discuss the options.

Where can I buy tickets?

During the pre-sales period, tickets can be purchased through Kultshop at a discounted price. Alternatively you can buy tickets on site at the Checker Point (near the main entrance).

Do you offer any discounted tickets, e.g. for families?

Yes we do! For the different options, please see our price overview HERE.

Is the festival site accessible for wheelchairs?

“Gut Haarbecke” certainly doesn’t have any official barrier-free certification.


The photos which are taken during the festival will be used for the advertising of next year’s festival. If you don’t want your portrait photo to be used for this purpose, please email Freakstock with an attached passport photo.



You have received a wristband at Check-in. Please note that it is only valid, when you wear it around your wrist. If lost, you have to buy a new one.

Campfire, barbecuing, spitting fire and letting fire fall from heaven

Open fire and barbecuing is only permittet in the designated fire area. Unless during the time of the festival it is too dry and the authorities declare a fire hazard – in this case we would have to prohibit fire altogether.

Camping site

Please set your tent up only at the camping site’s designated areas, keep the emergency escape routs free and be quite in and around the area at night. It is only fair to those who want to sleep! Please don’t play your guitar or drums or the like at the camping site.

Security volunteers

The security team exercises property rights. In case of issues, please do not hesitate to contact them.

Stage diving

We have made some bad  experiences with stage diving in the past where someone had suffered a life-threatening injury. Please avoid this situation for the sake of your own health and follow the instructions of our security volunteers.


Water & Sun

Please ensure that you hydrate with enough liquid – preferably water. A person should drink ca. 2 liters of liquids daily – but Freakstock requires more than your usual daily amount. In addition, please use appropriate sun protection – bandanas, sun screen, etc. During the last years, we had frequently people transferred to hospital, who collapsed due to dehydration, which can easily be avoided. For these cases also apply the emergency contact phone numbers.


Rubbish, dirty or trash

Please keep the festival grounds, toilets and showers clean by throwing your trash into the trash cans, which are provided in abundance. Empty gas cartridges, please put into the appropriate designated container. This helps our voluntary dirt fighters a lot to do their job.


Smoking in general is allowed on the festival grounds, but is strictly prohibited in buildings. Please throw your cigarette butt in the ashtrays.


Consuming and trading drugs is strictly forbidden.