Since the sudden and completely unnoticed appearance of their manifesto in 2016, the weird-folk songwriting duo The Mañana People took a vow to write 100 songs exploring the forking paths of the pop genre discourse. Halfway through their struggle, whilst concocting a series of homemade freak-folk and psych-country curiosities, their efforts were mercilessly interrupted by the cult German label Unique Records, which grabbed them by their ears and told them to grow up and make a proper record out of all that. The result is their forthcoming debut Princess Diana, a breath of fresh radioactive air in the world of authorial music. The eccentric collection of tunes offers theremin-driven honky-tonk smashers, zombie-themed electro-pop ballads and horror spirituals, as well as a collaboration with the best troubadour himself, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy. The Mañana People’s first effort manages to swing harmoniously between the gutters of experimentation and the comfortable lightness of pop music.