The singles „Peaky Blinders“ und “Poisonous Ivy” are the first impressions of Suzan Köcher´s second record “Suprafon.” No longer just a solo project Suprafon is also the new addition to this act: SUZAN KÖCHER’S SUPRAFON. The band embarks onto their second psychedelic journey that follows the magical debut album “Moon Bordeaux” which rightfully was praised as a masterpiece out of its time. Inspired by a trip to Prague they wrote the Suprafon cycle. To fully focus on the songs they took a trip to Austin, Texas last summer where they recorded the new album in two weeks. The mystic psychedelia of the band is streaked by beautiful melodies, cutting guitars and synthesizers soaked in reverb. Influenced by Krautrock, Psych-Folk and French-Pop the new songs are both tense and relaxed. Having played countless live shows the band developed their unique sound and invite you into a world that still holds time for memorable experiences.