With their sophomore album »Agency«, the Berlin-based trio Soft Grid picks up where 2016’s »Corolla« left off. »Agency« is a swirling whirlwind of kraut-inspired synth jams, powerful post-rock dynamics and, as a whole, completely unshackled of any limitations of the rock and electronic music worlds the band navigates through at once. Maintaining the energy of their celebrated live shows, the five new songs – all between five and a half and close to eleven minutes in length – further diversify their musical signature while sounding more urgent and visceral than ever. Imagine a Battles song drenched in autotune, a no-frills version Animal Collective circa »Merriweather« period or Electrane and Warpaint meeting for a five-hour jam and you might get a rough idea of which motions a regular Soft Grid song goes through. That is, if there ever was such a thing as a regular Soft Grid song.