LIONLION is an indie rock band around the identical twin brothers Michael & Matthias Rückert. Their special sound is created together with André Bayer on drums and David Laplant on bass. The highly acclaimed debut album “The Atlas Idea” was followed by the second album “Perspective”, which is again released under their own label. Their sound world is reminiscent of the catchy melodies of Keane, the charm of Notwist, the bombast of Muse and the drive of mutemath. LIONLION find the golden mean between poetry and objectivity, movement and stillness, grand gestures and subtle nuances. Brash Britpop from the turn of the millennium touches on spherical James Bond film music, Sgt. Pepper happily greets the sound spheres of Pink Floyd and everything ends gently in brutally melancholic confidence on the Fender Rhodes.