LIONLION is a four-piece indie pop/rock band based out of the south of Germany, centred around the identical twins Michael & Matthias Rückert. Their world of sound combines the drive of Mutemath with the catchy melodies of Keane and the grandeur of Muse. Releasing their debut album ‘The Atlas Idea’ in January 2018, the band got off to a great start in their home country, with very positive reviews in online media & plenty of airplay + features on (indie) radio stations across Germany. 2019 has started just as well: ‘Another Go’, a band-music epic about the highs & lows in love and friendship, leads the way into another exciting year that will reach its high point with the release of LIONLION’s follow up. With their second album ‘Oceans Rise & Fall’ (coming in fall 2019) they have found the sweet spot between poetry and objectivity, motion & rest, grand gestures and quiet nuances. In April the band released the first single ‘Oceans Rise’ – a song which is also the central theme of the new LP. In the year of the 100th anniversary of German “Bauhaus” architecture, LIONLION are producing their videos in the reduced and minimalistic design vocabulary of the famous modernist architectural style, which serves as a visual guideline and an encouragement to keep a clear head and arrange ones mindset.
All this draws a clear contrast to the ups and downs in the history of the band – and the twins in particular – with the reflective and dreamy mindset they so beautifully display in their music. At the same time, their songs always radiate great confidence: the brothers are not just united by their differences in character, but even more so they have that harmonious similarity – making them a songwriting duo par excellence.