Barneveld’s finest metalband, DESPICABLE HEROES is back. Heavier than ever and ready to storm the stage. Their new EP ‘Arrival’ shows the full potential of the band with low-tuned riffing, ground-shaking breakdowns and catchy sing-a-longs. The band welcomes Koen Vroom (Ashes of Many) as their new frontman. Packed with energy and a powerful message the band sets sail for their brand new chapter.
DESPICABLE HEROES was founded in 2010, where they put themselves on the map with their energetic live shows. In 2013 the band released their first album ‘Shipwrecked’ through Unite Records. shared the stage with bands such as Texas In July (US), Heart in Hand (UK) and Inhale Exhale (US) and appeared on events like Brainstorm Fest and the annual Liberation Festival in Wageningen.
Currently the band made it to the final of Metal Battle, the most important competition in The Netherlands for heavy bands. This results in a number of festival-appearances as well as club-shows bringing the band to the next step in their career.