Worship Folks – WE WANT YOU

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Dear Worship Folks,

2018 just arrived and so has the planning of Freakstock 2018! YES!
To make Freakstock a festival full of worship we ´re depending on your heart, skills and spirit.
Over the past years our Jesus Freaks Family encountered multiple ups as well as downs, growth, change and new ground. So here we go 2018, we´re excited to see, what´s in store for us Jesus Freaks.
This year the Freakstock Booking Team (Stephan, Lina) wants to lay a special focus, like we often spoke about in 2017, on Worshippers/Bands of the Freakstock Movement. Naturally, also non-Jesus Freaks-People are welcome to apply and be a part of Freakstock 2018.
We´re looking for unconventional thinker, people who lead us into new ways of worship, new songs, old songs, creative ways of worship. We are looking for Freaks with a heart of worship. So, where are you? Contact us, share your thoughts, ideas and apply J (also if you know a worshipper we should not miss, tell us).

As a worshipper at Freakstock you receive the staff-status, which means reduced entry, free delicious food (full board, yeah) and as much water as you can possibly drink. Unfortunately, we do not have a budget for travelling costs or payments.
During the day there are different slots for worship. Each Worshipper/Combo will have 1 to 2 Slots during Freakstock, probably at different times and on different stages during the Festival. Right before every slot there will be time for setups, soundcheck and praying. For all those things a Guide will support you and be there for you … whether in terms of nervousness-combating, organization, companionship.

How to apply:
Please send us everything on the following list
(Band)Description: Name/members, formation instruments, Genre
Contast details: E-Mail, Mobile number
Music: Audio sample (MP3, Youtube, Homepage, Soundcloud) if possible online.
Which kind of songs do you play? (Own Songs, Freaksongs, Hillsong, etc.)
History: Where have you been playing before and what does your expericene on stage look like? Why do you worship? What do you love about it?
Organization: Are you applying for all the festival/certain days? Which days/slots would you prefer?
Website/ App: Your (Band)Picture in 800x533px, Bandgenre, Banddescription in English
and German

Last but not least some very important facts: Please apply till March, 25th 2018
and send applications and questions you may have to lobpreisbooking@freakstock.de

Alright, let it begin.
We´re looking forward for everything you´ve got for us.

God blesses You
Your Worship-Booking-Team
Lina & Stephan