Freakstock – Into the Unknown

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Freakstock has always been shaped by the many volunteers who have contributed to the festival. As it is written in our agenda: “our staff of volunteers not only work for Freakstock, they are Freakstock”. This staff is led by the Dreamteam which is responsible for the general framework and organisation of the festival.

In September 2017, Henrik Begemann announced he is stepping down from his position in this team. Henrik states that „nearly half of my life has been affected by this wonderful festival. Now I must say farewell. I am grateful for the many delightful years, memories, moments, friends, strangers, companions and visitors.“ And we are deeply grateful for Henriks commitment and professionalism that continuedly shaped Freakstock, often making impossible things possible.

As the remaining Dreamteam we are now tasked with finding answers concerning the future of Freakstock. We are supported by a wonderful group of Freakstock staff, as well as the leadership of the Jesus Freaks movement. We would love to announce “everything is fine, Freakstock will take place as usual”, but at the moment we honestly don`t know. Once again we are dependent on God`s grace and provision to work out solutions with local administration authorities, or find a new festival ground.

In the coming months we will seek ways to host Freakstock. We will certainly need help in different areas, however cannot be more specific at this time. As soon as we have more information on this, we will communicate it. For the time being, we welcome your prayers and ideas. And most of all, we hope you will be coming, when despite of all adversities we can raise the iconic Freakstock “Welcome Home” banner once again.

If you have suggestions or would like to get involved, please send us an email at

Your Dreamteam
Current Dreamteam members are Lars from Kassel, Rums from Eberswalde, David from Berlin, Gerhard from Nürnberg und Julia from Halle.