Freakstock goes sabbatical

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Dear friends of Freakstock,

the past months have been quite challenging and intense for us in the organising committee. Above all, the pending issue of water supply and regulations from the local agency for nature conservation (which surfaced during the last Freakstock) have forced us to put our plans on hold. Despite of tiring cycles of reminding, waiting, urging, hoping, praying, and demanding, we still have no results or statements, making it impossible to continue with concrete planning.
In consequemce, Freakstock 2017 cannot take place.

There`s nothing we would rather do than procede as always with preparations for our beloved Jesus Festival this summer, with you and for you. However, doing so while risking a short term cancellation with drastic consequences for us all is not an option. Though in our hearts we feel „we are definately doing Freakstock!“, there is also this little cautioning voice saying „this year, it is not to be“. With heavy hearts we have come to the conclusion: Freakstock goes Sabbatical.

This year, in the spirit of the original meaning of the Sabbath, we will pause and let go instead of clinging on to something at all costs. And we felt it would be fair to communicate this to you as soon as possible. We`d like to use this year to reflect on Freakstock, improve what has worked so far and dream about new concepts as well. For we are sure of one thing: We will see you at Freakstock 2018! We hope you spend this summer having a marvelous time, missing Freakstock and perhaps thinking about new ideas on how you can participate next year!

“For six years plant your fields and gather your crops. But during the seventh year do not plow your land or use it. Then the poor people who are among you can get food from it. The wild animals can eat what is left over. Do the same thing with your vineyards and your groves of olive trees.”

– Exodus 23, 10-11

Much love and blessings,
Freakstock Dream Team

Next Freakstock: August 1st – 5th, 2018