[Tommy Phillips]
In this session I will be starting with the words of the author of Genesis that Adam and Eve were made “In the Image of God,” and expounding upon its meaning to the original audience. I will show the importance of this teaching, not just for the people of Israel, but I will show how it also defines the work of the modern church in the world.

My name is Tommy Phillips. I have been a pastor for 19 years in Tampa Florida, and have been a touring recording artist since for two decades under my middle name, Preson Phillips. I have released 7 studio albums since 2000, and currently hold a MA in New Testament theology from Northern Seminary in Chicago, Illinois, USA. I love making complex ideas easy to grasp, and creating corporate worship music to keep the church on mission. My pastoral work and music career have always worked hand in hand, and I am committed to guiding the worldwide church towards Christlike humility so that it can be the presence of Christ in a darkened world.