Freakstock is… :

… the Jesus festival. It is what it says on the tin. Jesus is priority number one by a long shot, then comes art, culture and the joy of living.

… diverse and colorful. And often a culture shock. Freakstock is a creative place that wants to support, shape and challenge our cultural landscape. The agenda is filled with the most diverse range of concerts, seminars, art exhibits, worship services, readings, theater, sports activities and more.

… family-friendly. We think families are awesome and so we try to make the festival as enjoyable as possible for parents and children alike. Families have their own camping area, kids are taken care of at Kidzstock with a bouncy castle and other fun things.

… Open Air. The romantic and run-down miltary airport makes for a fantastic festival site with plenty of space for camping, skating, shopping, hanging out with friends, drinking doffee etc. At night the old plane shelters transform into a variety of clubs for music, dancing, bars and performing arts.

… sustainable. In regards to ecology and economy we try to live out an alternative approach. Eco-toilets, fair trade foods, regional suppliers, local beverage brands instead of products from multi national enterprises…. more information on these concepts can be found here.

… there for everybody. You can come as you are.

… international. The festival features bands, speakers and visitors from all over the world. Many of the events are offered with English translation.

… Teamwork. Roughly 600 staff volunteers help out to make Freakstock an unforgettable experience.